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Adventures in Reloading #4 – Stickage

Since starting to reload 9mm I’ve been having some issues with ammo getting loaded that sticks in the chamber of a couple of my guns. I originally thought that this had to do with the somewhat “fat” ogive of the bullets I’m using so I began to load them a bit shorter, and shorter trying to back them off of the rifling a bit so that they wouldn’t stick in the chamber anymore. I originally …

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Adventures in Reloading #1 – It’s too Long

In episode 78 of the podcast I mentioned that I had loaded up and shot my first reloads. I loaded a bunch of 125gr round nose bullets from The Blue Bullets (local NC company, you should support them) over some Unique powder that I picked up from Lucky 13 Cast Bullets (also a local NC company, you should support them too) and headed off to the Monday night Action Pistol match at the Wake County …

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