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Is it Cheating?

Just a not-so-hypothetical question about cheating at IDPA matches… If someone is given advanced knowledge of the stages for a match, or is able to shoot the exact stages before the actual match, is that cheating? I’m not talking about the Match Director shooting the stage to get the angles setup correctly, I’m talking about someone being allowed to practice the stages days or even weeks before the actual match. In IDPA, individual walkthroughs are …

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Cheating in Club Matches?

I’ve never had an RO complete an equipment check on my pistol, holster, or other gear during a club match. Not once. Ever. At club matches it is a pretty laid back atmosphere most of the year, with new shooters and veterans working on their game. When summer rolls around, and the IDPA Carolina Cup, East Coast Championship, USPSA NC State Championship start getting closer, more shooters begin to step up their game, and get …

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