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BREAKING: Otis McDonald Passes

Otis McDonald, the man who fought the Chicago handgun ban all the way to the Supreme Court, and won, passed away today. We’ll forever remember the McDonald ruling, but don’t forget that there was a man behind it that got the ball rolling.

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Is Illinois On The Road To Constitutional Carry?

This is a pretty big deal. 103 cases dismissed so far after gun laws were ruled unconstitutional in IL. From Fox 32 News Chicago, interviewing a Chicago Police Spokesperson: “It would not be prudent for citizens to carry loaded firearms in public, whether they possess a valid Firearm Owners ID card or not. As for whether these cases would result in criminal charges…I would only say that we would evaluate any individual incident on a …

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Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Struck Down!

Today, a federal court Judge struck down Illinois ban on concealed carry, and ruled that the state has 180 days to draft legislation allowing concealed carry! This is big news, as Illinois was the last hold out, with all of the other 49 states allowing some sort of concealed carry. Fox News Article on Illinois Concealed Carry You may remember that it was just a couple years ago that Chicago’s handgun ban was struck down …

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Chicago Considers “Violence Tax” for Guns and Ammo

Has anybody else heard about this? A “Violence Tax”? My guns aren’t violent, and even with thousands upon thousands of rounds down range, my guns have never shot anyone. I wonder if this was a great idea that the Chicago goons got from their #WhatifChicago twitter hashtag? Cook County mulling violence tax on guns and ammunition

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