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Wake County Concealed Carry Permits Up 77 Percent in 5 Years

In the past 5 years, the number of concealed carry permit holders in Wake Co. has grown by 77% according to the Triangle Business Journal. 77% is pretty impressive, although it’s not surprising given the situation that we as gun owners have been in over the past 5 years. Wake County is a pretty friendy place to apply for a concealed carry permit. There have to be nearly a hundred different places to take a …

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“I don’t have to! I’ve got a concealed carry permit!”

I was told a story recently about an incident that took place in the Triangle involving a concealed carry permit holder, some local police officers, and huge amounts of derp. I’m sharing the story with you because its humorous, and there’s a lesson. I was told the story 4th or 5th hand, so I can’t vouch for the complete accuracy of it, but here goes: Police officers were called to respond to a home alarm …

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Should you get your concealed carry permit before you even buy a gun?

I know, I know, concealed carry permits, or Concealed Handgun Permits as North Carolina calls them, are for the most dedicated shooters, the people who want to be armed 24/7 (except anywhere alcohol is sold and consumed, or anywhere that charges admission, or …) but bear with me! I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but for completely new shooters looking for an entry in to the hobby, I think it could make some sense. But …

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