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Recreational Shooters Lack the Data to Get Better

I’ve been getting back into cycling recently. In doing so, I’ve been spending some time on message boards, and subreddits relating to the topic to get caught up on things as I’ve been off the bike for about 7 years. I’ve noticed some interesting parallels between the cycling and shooting communities, but I’ve also noticed one big glaring difference: Almost all cyclists have data. I came across a thread on a road bike forum where …

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Cyclists: How do you carry?

Cycling was my primary hobby for a long time before I got into shooting. I reluctantly gave it up about 7 years ago when I was having some issues with numbness in my hands that I couldn’t deal with. I’ve decided to pick it back up since I’ve lost about 65lbs, figuring I might not experience the hand numbness issues now that there’s less of me. Way back on the podcast we answered a question …

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