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All Kydex Holsters Are Not Created Equal

Whenever I have a couple minutes to kill, I like to cruise Instagram hashtags and see what cool new stuff is relevant to my interests. Hashtags like #USPSA, #IDPA, and #3gun are a few of my favorites, but recently I’ve come across another hashtag that brings more talent, and absolute derp at the same time that it’s quickly become my favorite one to follow: #kydex If you’re not familiar with Instagram it’s basically an easily …

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2 Days Left to Get Your Shirt!

Just a heads up, the Triangle Tactical “Skills>Tools” shirt pre-order is ending on Thursday (8/28/2014) afternoon. You’ve got just a little more than 48 hours at the time of this post. Head over to TeeSpring and get your order in!

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Carry a Gun they said… Get a Nice Holster they said…

I was doing some cleaning in the garage tonight, and I found most of these scattered around on my workbench, under my workbench, and one of them in a stash of .223 brass I didn’t know I had… I’d always heard the saying “Most shooters end up with a box of holsters they don’t use anymore” and I guess that’s true, the sad part is that there are holsters in the pile for guns that …

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