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Getting Outdoors

Back before I was really into competitive shooting, I spent a lot of time doing day hikes, and geocaching all over the Triangle. Since I began spending more and more of my weekends on the shooting range, and more and more of my days off writing, and doing what my wife calls “blog stuff”, I’ve been spending a lot less time outdoors doing the things that I love. Today was an absolutely beautiful day, even …

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Triangle Tactical Geocache (Free Swag!)

This week I introduced Geocaching, and talked a bit about the different containers you may be looking for when trying to locate a cache. This morning I geared up, and headed out to one of my favorite places in the triangle, and hid a Geocache with some Triangle Tactical swag in it. You can find the coordinates to the cache here: GC1V46Z Geocaching.com You are looking for a .30cal Ammo can, that I may or …

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Geocache Containers

Yesterday I introduced Geocaching, and talked about what it is. Today I want to be a little more specific, and talk about the containers that you may come across when hunting a cache. If you are going to head out into the woods looking for something, it might be a good idea to at least have some clue what you are looking for. When it comes to Geocaches, you could be looking for something bigger …

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Introduction to Geocaching

What the heck is Geocaching? Basically, Geocaching is using billion dollar technology (GPS) to find $3 trinkets hidden in the woods. On the surface, you may not think this is something that you would find to be fun, however there is a lot of valuable experience that you can gain from Geocaching, and it’s fun. If you follow the Triangle Tactical Facebook page, this picture may look familiar. On Saturday I asked what these items …

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