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DIY: PVC Drain Pipe Holster

On episode 118 of the podcast we played a voicemail from podcast listener Robert about his first match and he talked about making his gear for USPSA out of PVC he purchased at the hardware store. After confirming with Robert about what he used, I had to share it here on the blog. He purchased some 4″ PVC drain pipe from the hardware store and heated it up and molded it just like it was …

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All Kydex Holsters Are Not Created Equal

Whenever I have a couple minutes to kill, I like to cruise Instagram hashtags and see what cool new stuff is relevant to my interests. Hashtags like #USPSA, #IDPA, and #3gun are a few of my favorites, but recently I’ve come across another hashtag that brings more talent, and absolute derp at the same time that it’s quickly become my favorite one to follow: #kydex If you’re not familiar with Instagram it’s basically an easily …

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DIY – How To Make Kydex Holsters

This is a step by step guide showing you how to make Kydex holsters. This is a pretty easy process, definitely easier than the shotgun shell caddies I showed you how to make in the first part of the “3-gun on the cheap” series. I made this holster out of .08″ Boltaron thermoplastic. I like this thickness of plastic, as it’s thick enough for most uses, yet thin enough that it’s still pretty easy to …

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DIY – The in’s and out’s of working with kydex.

I’ve been working with Kydex for a while now, and from time to time I help out a friend and make a holster, or magazine pouch, or something for them. I don’t do it as a business (filling orders sucks) however, its a lot of fun, and once you have all the tools, you can really save a lot of money on holsters if you buy new guns a lot. Where to get it? I …

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