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Match Video Diagnosis: Reloads

Reloads are a place where you can shave some time, and impress your friends if you can really nail them perfectly and quickly. I’m just ending an extended off-season so my reloads are a little shaky, and in the above video you’ll see that. First reload: super slow Second: seated, not super fast, but faster than the first Third: slow, and you can tell I wasn’t ready for it. Fourth: slide lock reload where I …

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Match Video Diagnosis: Get Your Butt Moving

It probably goes without saying, but one of the best and easiest ways to shave time on your matches and move yourself up in the rankings is to RUN from one position to another. Action shooting games are about speed and accuracy, both of which are equally important. If you’ve got a stage where there’s a lot of room to move, and no shooting to do while moving, RUN. I see a lot of folks …

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Match Video Diagnosis: Know Where You’re Supposed to Go

Movement is one of the best things you can assess with match video. In the video clip above, watch how much more confidently I move into the first position, than the second position. You can tell as I’m moving into the second position I wasn’t quite sure where the fault line was and I didn’t have a good plan for that position other than the order I wanted to engage the targets. I think the …

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Diagnosing Your Match Video: Shooting Sooner

A video posted by Lucas Apps (@triangletactical) on Jan 18, 2017 at 9:12am PST I’ve heard Steve Anderson talk about “shooting sooner” a thousand times, and it really became apparent after looking at my match video from last Saturday. In the video above, I engaged the targets to the left while on the move, then transitioned my sights to the first target on the right, but didn’t start shooting at it until I took like …

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