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BREAKING: No Concealed Carry at NC State Fair

Here’s the audio of Judge Stephens decision on the matter: From Ben on Twitter: Judge Stephens has found in favor of the Agriculture Commissioner. No preliminary injunction. No concealed carry at the 2014 NC State Fair. — Triangle Tactical (@triangletactica) October 13, 2014 Judge Stephens “exception to the exception” comment is interesting, more on Episode 103 of the podcast.

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Press Conference with Ag Comm Troxler on CCW at NC State Fair

Earlier today, Sean from NCGunBlog.com gave me a heads up about a press conference that was about to take place with NC State Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. Thankfully I was able to make it to the event just in time. Here’s the video: At the event, a sign was set up was set up next to Mr. Troxler stating that weapons, including concealed handguns are prohibited at the State Fair in accordance with NCGS 14-269.3. …

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GRNC Takes on Ag Commissioner Troxler

A few weeks back I posted that I had been informed that GRNC was looking into the NC State Fair being posted against concealed carry in (what I believe to be) violation of state law. According to the most recent GRNC Alert the good folks over there had a meeting with NC Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler today regarding the issue, and they were unable to come to terms. Check out the GRNC Alert on the …

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GRNC Looking Into the Questionable Posting of the NC State Fairgrounds

Last fall, I wrote a post about the NC State Fairgrounds being posted against carry with “No Weapons” signs during the NC State Fair. I went through all of the relevant statutes that I could find about concealed carry, and I wasn’t able to find the legal justification for the state to post the signs that they did. I pushed the post from last year out to the Facebook group again this week, and we …

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Concealed Carry and the NC State Fair

It seems that there is a debate brewing about whether or not the North Carolina Department of Agriculture has the authority to post “No Weapons” signs at the North Carolina State Fair that is going on right now. You see, in the past the fair was off limits for concealed carry due to the admission fee charged for entry, but with the passage of House Bill 937, that was removed from the law. (Photo Credit: …

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