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How I Learned Marksmanship

Long ago, I was a young cub scout interested in guns. I wasn’t old enough to hunt yet, but I wanted to make sure that I had the skills to take down the ‘turdy point buck’ once I got became enough to hunt. My Great Uncle gave me a 10 pump pellet gun somewhere along the line, and I was dying to shoot it. Unfortunately we lived inside the city limits, and shooting even the …

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Are You a Steward of the Second Amendment?

The below picture has been floating around Facebook for the last 24 hours or so. This, friends, is the type of thing we need to do. We need to be vocal to our representatives in congress, but we also need to be stewards of the second amendment. There are many people who are not opposed to gun ownership, who just don’t know enough to know what they don’t know. I’m not one to hide the …

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