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City of Raleigh Finally Updates Park Signage to Allow CCW

Maybe I’m a little late to the party, because I’ve admittedly been absent from any Raleigh city parks for a while, but the last time I was out at Durant Nature Park the park rules signs just had duct tape on the old signs covering the part about concealed weapons. If I remember correctly (typing this on my phone otherwise I’d look it up) we gained park carry with the passage of House Bill 650 …

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Morrisville, NC Parks Signed “No Guns” Incorrectly

It appears that even after ejecting Mayor against illegal guns Jackie Holcombe last year, the town of Morrisville, NC still hasn’t bothered to actually read the NC General Statutes regarding concealed carry in parks. Recently new signs appeared in the parks near baseball fields that say the following: “NOTICE: All Firearms Prohibited in This Area” The problem with this is that ever since HB937 was passed into law last year municipalities don’t have the authority …

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