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GRNC Exposes Sheriffs Pistol Permit Scheme

Yesterday GRNC sent out an alert that linked to the NC Sheriffs Association report on Pistol Purchase Permits. The results of the NCSA report are worse than I had imagined. I don’t have anything more to say that GRNC didn’t already say, so check out their alert on the subject here. This is why we need to pass HB562…

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Everytown Not Telling the Whole Story on NC Background Checks

Everytown has recently begun to play the following ad on TV here in NC: The trouble with the ad is that they aren’t being completely honest about background checks. The ad makes it seem that if HB562 were to pass, there would no longer be any background checks for handgun purchases in NC. Unfortunately for Everytown, background checks for purchasing a handgun from a dealer is a federal law, which isn’t affected by the North …

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NC Sheriff Denies Pistol Permit on Subjective “Moral Character” Reasoning

Here in NC, we still have an old Jim Crow law that requires people to obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit from their county Sheriff before purchasing a handgun. While I disagree with having to get the Sheriffs blessing before purchasing a handgun, there’s a little part of the NC law that sticks in my craw even worse, and that’s that the Sheriff can deny a PPP to someone based on their moral character. NCGS 14-404 …

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