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Houston Gun Store Robbery

Holy crap, this is nuts. If you assume there was one person in the truck, I count 10 people total. In daylight. Also, if you look how they go into the place, it seems like they all know exactly where they’re going, so they had to have scoped the place out beforehand. Also, what’s the deal with gun stores not locking up all their guns overnight in a safe? I thought that was that was …

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Don’t Forget: Your Car is a Great Weapon

A frightening video was released by the Arlington, TX Police department yesterday showing a woman being pulled from her car at an ATM by a subject with a gun, and being forced into the trunk. I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of the situation by Monday morning quarterbacking it too much, but there are a few lessons from the video that we can all benefit from: Your car is a great weapon. It’s big …

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