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Range Lawyers

Listen to the Podcast Ever hear people complain about range lawyers? Ever heard people spout off about the rules at a match about the rules and be blatantly wrong? What about the folks who are intentionally trying to bend the rules to their benefit? What about folks who are just trying to make sure we play the game by the rules? Last week I had to take my USPSA Range Officer exam, and in doing …

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I like the newest IDPA proposed rules, a lot, mostly.

Listen to the podcast: So a bunch of text about the newest IDPA rules appeared in my inbox, and on a few different forums and discussion boards a couple days ago. The sources I got the text from are credible, in my opinion. The text talks about what the new IDPA rulebook will be for 2017 now that the comment period has passed. This will be our rulebook for the next 5 years. No clarifications …

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New IDPA Rulebook: Holy Crap They Got it Right!

FYI: This post was published in 2015. If you’re looking for the new 2017 Provisional Rulebook, hit up Episode 209 of the Podcast here. I was standing in line at the coffee shop this morning when I got a text from a friend asking if I had seen the new IDPA rulebook yet. I haven’t been an IDPA member for several years, so I didn’t get the memo that the new rulebook had been posted. …

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