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Gottlieb is Wrong on Background Checks

At the NRA Annual Meeting, the folks at Guns.com met up with Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, he had the following to say about universal background checks: Two things: 1. Having to ask permission to sell my private property is a violation of my rights. It’s that simple. They only way to write a background check bill that protects our rights is to not write it. 2. If we concede and allow a …

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Victory for Gun Owners in NC Emergency Powers Gun Ban!

In NC, we have been unable to carry our legal firearms when a State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor. This was ridiculous, as most of the time, the SOE is declared for a very small part of the state, and the rest of us were left to suffer. It looks like this will change! Check out the link below. I haven’t read the entire press release yet, so I’ll keep this short, …

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