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Tacticool Derp: Tactical Footwear

I like flip flops. A lot. As soon as I get home from work every day, I toss my Red Wing’s aside, and basically refuse to put socks of laced shoes back on until it’s time to get ready for work again. I laugh a little inside every time I slide my flip flops on about something I read on a web forum a few years back. There was a discussion about every day carry, …

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Operating Operator Dynamic Tactical Wristwatch

I saw that RECOIL posted this watch band velcro patch thing on their Facebook page today, and all I could do was shake my head. IN AGREEMENT! Why aren’t we tacti-accessorizing our watch bands like operators who operate operationally? I spent a lot of time working on this modular load bearing carry sysrem, so try to follow along: First: Velcro We have to have velcro, and we have to have patches to stick to that …

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