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A Great Opportunity to Get Started in Competitive Shooting!

In case you missed it in Episode 18 of the Triangle Tactical Podcast, H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC, along with Allen from Tarheel Targets will be hosting a BUG (Back Up Gun) match on March 23rd (9am registration, match starts at 10). This match is the ‘perfect storm’ for new shooters. You don’t need to worry about having a holster, or magazine pouches, or really any other gear for this match. All you need …

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Tarheel Targets Sponsors S&W Indoor IDPA Nationals

I saw this hit my Twitter feed this afternoon, thought it was pretty cool to see a local company get a shout out from Michael Bane! Allen from Tarheel Targets does a lot for the shooting sports locally, having sponsored the IDPA East Coast Championship last fall, the North Carolina Justice Academy Charity Challenge, the monthly IDPA match at H2O Fowl Farms. It’s exciting to see that Allen is now sponsoring the IDPA Indoor Nationals …

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Tarheel Targets Side Match at NCJA Charity Challenge

This past weekend, I was talking with my friend Allen from Tarheel Targets about the NCJA Charity Challenge. I was informed that Tarheel Targets will be sponsoring a shotgun side match at the Charity Challenge. Here’s the skinny: Tickets to shoot the side match will be $5 per run. The shooter with the fastest time through the side match will win all of the steel targets used in the side match. Every shooter who shoots …

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