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How To Practice a Texas Star When I Don’t Have Access To One?

Roger in Cleveland sends in today’s Q&A podcast question asking about practicing the Texas Star. Roger only has access to an indoor range, and he’s getting his clock cleaned by the Texas star at matches. Is there a way to practice this target when you don’t have one? Unfortunately, I don’t really think so. The thing about the Texas star is that it moves, sometimes unpredictably. Depending on which plate you shoot first, it’ll go …

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How Do I Get Better at Shooting Texas Stars and Polish Plate Racks?

Ron in Sacramento sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about Texas stars and Polish Plate Racks. I need to be honest here about my advice: I’ve only had the opportunity to shoot Texas stars a handful of times, and I’ve never shot at a polish plate rack. The most common movers I tend to see ’round these parts are drop turners (at IDPA matches) and swingers with the occasional Texas star mixed in somewhere. Here’s …

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