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Gun Talk Listeners Sponsor Shaneen Allen Billboards in NJ

Tom Gresham has been working with his Gun Talk Radio show listeners about the Shaneen Allen case (Pennsylvania mother arrested for carrying a concealed handgun in NJ who is facing more than a decade in prison for doing nothing more than crossing a state line with her gun) to raise money and put up billboards in NJ to raise awareness about the case. Just about an hour ago the above photo was posted on the …

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Massad Ayoob on Las Vegas CCW Hero

On the most recent episode of Gun Talk with Tom Gresham, Massad Ayoob was a guest, and the two talked about Joseph Wilcox, the armed citizen in Las Vegas that gave his life attempting to stop the psycho killers that had burst into the WalMart where he was. Mas brings up other cases where armed citizens have saved the day, one that I hadn’t heard of before: The University of Texas bell tower shooting in …

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Ruger CEO Mike Fifer Predicts No Semi-Auto Handguns in California in 2 Years

This afternoon I was listening to a Gun Talk bonus podcast on microstamping where Tom Gresham interviewed Ruger CEO Mike Fifer about Ruger ending their sales in California. During the interview, Fifer stated that he doesn’t expect to see any semi-auto handguns on the California “not unsafe” list in only 2 years because of the new interpretation of the laws. This is scary sounding on the surface, but I think it actually may give the …

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