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Ballistic Masturbation and Entertrainment

The folks over st spsamurai.com published blog post recently about “Ballistic Masturbation” and Entertrainment (A term that Chris Clifton from Defensive Concepts talked about in Episode 85 of our podcast.) I could name some names here, but I don’t think that is super important. What’s important is that you do your homework on a trainer before paying them a few hundred bucks for shooting instruction. I don’t care if someone has military or law enforcement …

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Concealed Carry Classes Aren’t Training, and that’s Okay

There was a recent discussion online where someone mentioned that after completing their state mandated concealed carry class, they still felt undertrained to carry. The fact is that concealed carry classes are meant to ensure that applicants leave the class with a minimum amount of gun safety, use of force law, and gun handling skills. That’s it, and that’s okay. Let’s face it, here in NC you can be a downright awful shooter and still …

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Are You a Steward of the Second Amendment?

The below picture has been floating around Facebook for the last 24 hours or so. This, friends, is the type of thing we need to do. We need to be vocal to our representatives in congress, but we also need to be stewards of the second amendment. There are many people who are not opposed to gun ownership, who just don’t know enough to know what they don’t know. I’m not one to hide the …

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Travis Haley’s facebook status after the Aurora, CO tragedy.

Below is an excerpt from Travis Haley’s facebook status after the Aurora, CO mass shooting: Fact: The majority of concealed carry and open carry armed citizens are a liability. Just because you go through a 1 day course doesn’t not mean that you can problem solve an armored active shooter in a never expected, dark, tear gassed disruptive environment with screaming people while stepping over dead bodies. You must understand advanced applications under stress. Just …

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