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Lessons from Shooting my CCW Rig in an IDPA Match

Earlier this evening I shot the PDHSC/Shoot2Live IDPA match in south Raleigh. I decided that today I would shoot my actual concealed carry setup in the match. Even though it’s a match tailored for concealed carry, I usually shoot IDPA with my Glock 34 from what is essentially a competition specific holster (even though it’s within IDPA’s rules, it’s not something I’d carry with outside of a shooting range.) The Gear: Pistol: Springfield XDs 9mm …

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How Many Rounds Should a Singlestack 9mm Pistol Hold?

How much capacity do you require in a carry sized singlestack 9mm pistol? A couple nights ago I had my Springfield XDs 9mm, and S&W Shield 9mm sitting on the coffee table as I was comparing and contrasting them. I guess that I hadn’t really noticed that while being just about the same size, the XDs 9mm has the ability to carry an extra round in the extended magazine over the Shield. [table caption=”Carry Sized …

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What’s broken inside the XDs?

Has anybody been able to find anything that explains exactly what parts are being replaced inside the XDs pistols? I’ve heard that the grip safety is being replaced, and that the new one has a roll pin in it, and that’s about it. I’ve spent a couple hours digging through forum threads and doing Google searches, and I still don’t understand exactly what is happening inside the pistol that is causing it to double fire, …

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