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DIY – Tumbling Media Separator

After getting my reloading press all put together and ready to rock, I found myself with a bunch of clean brass in the tumbler with no way to separate it from the crushed walnut media. I looked around the garage, and found a stack of 3 little trash cans that appeared in my garage about the time of our wedding a few months back. I figured since they nest together so nice it would be …

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Loaded My First Rounds

We’ll surely talk about this some more in Episode 78 (which we’ll be recording Monday night), but I thought I’d add some thoughts on reloading my first rounds today. .380ACP Casings Suck Whoever decided to fire the one .380ACP casing on the range where I picked it up is a jerk. I tossed it in the shell plate, punched out the old primer, and seated a new one. I then dropped powder, and thought that …

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My Budget Reloading Setup:

I’ve been interested in getting started in reloading for a while, but the up front investment was keeping me from jumping in. Ben would tell me how nice it was to learn on a turret press, and other people would tell me to dive in head first and buy a progressive. Don’t even get me started on the blue hoard who answer any question about reloading with “Buy a Dillon!” I’d like to, but it’s …

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