Part 6 – Resources

If you’ve made it this far to part 6, you must be interested in competitive shooting, and I’m certain that you have some questions that I haven’t answered yet. Here’s some additional resources:

Q&A Podcast:

For a full year (from May of 2015 until May of 2016) I did a daily Q&A podcast where I answered questions from podcast listeners every day. I think it’s a great resource for answering any questions you’ve got about competitive shooting.

Triangle Tactical Podcast Episodes:

We’ve also done a 2 part series of interviews with Bob, a new shooter:



  1. Good info for new shooters or those wanting to get into the sport.

    I will only add that anyone contemplating the idea should realize our group is a very welcoming group. We will assist you in any way we can. We will get you started in the right direction. All you have to do is ask. We all love to see new shooters come into the sport!

    And if you want to come out and just observe the first match, that is something else you can do before you commit to having more fun than you stand to have in one day.

  2. Great Info .

    Most new shooters to competition style shooting are intimidated due to factors like feeling their level of shooting isn’t high enough or that they will slow the other shooters down or even that the more experienced shooters will make fun of them for not having all the gear and being a “noobie” .

    Like Mike said above most of the groups I’ve shot with in IDPA and IPSC are very welcoming and will help new shooters any way they can .

    • Reynold Cindrich

      I have unable to find anyone shooting production. It is just a “spend as much money as humanly possible” situation. That really takes the “fun” out of it. It appears that the younglings do not know that this started back in 1976 by folks that had stock pistols and street holsters. Also limited time and money for practice and competition. After a 48 or 56 hour work week, the last thing on my mind is to take a beating by someone that fires tens of thousands of rounds a year. Your opinion may vary.

  3. I’m new and I wanna join my schools shooting team and I have to start with a 22 any suggestions

  4. I’m in! Good article. I’ve been hesitant for all the same reasons listed in the article. Truthfully speaking, people are pretty friendly at most shooting events. I suggest you watch one first, if not you will go gear crazy.

  5. This is a great deal of help and it has made my decision to go shot very easy . Thank you.

  6. Excellent article and excellent information. I’ve been interested for some time and this article made my decision. Thank you

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