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What Happens When You Don’t Stop For A Squib?

Yesterday, Brandon at Concealed Nation published an article with the below video showing a shooter with a squib load during an IDPA match: (Video Link for Email/RSS Readers) In the video the shooter is able to stop shooting before he shot another round into the squib, which can have disasterous consequences. On Saturday when we were shooting at the PDHSC/Shoot2Live IDPA match, a friend had a squib in his 1911, and unfortuantely was not able …

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Hand Made Spalted Maple 1911 Grips

My cousin Alex sent me these pictures yesterday of some grips he’s making for his Kimber 1911. When he first told me about them, I pictured them in my head on a stainless 1911, but I think they will look even better on the dark blued pistol. This reminds me that I need to finish the micarta scales I started for my Becker BK2 over a year ago…

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3D Printed Metal 1911

A company in Austin, TX called Solid Concepts has created the worlds first metal 3D Printed pistol. Solid Concepts, a world leader in 3D Printing services, manufactures the world’s first 3D Printed Metal Gun. Austin, TX – Solid Concepts, one of the world leaders in 3D Printing services, has manufactured the world’s first 3D Printed Metal Gun using a laser sintering process and powdered metals. The gun, a 1911 classic design, functions beautifully and has …

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Benching my 1911

As happens occasionally, someone recently asked me a question to which I didn’t have answer. The question, as I recall, was “Now that you’ve decided you don’t like your 1911, are you going to sell it?” I had to take a moment and unpack the question because it boggled my mind in two ways. The first was the idea of “not liking” my 1911. My 1911 is a stainless Springfield TRP which is, it must …

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