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What Happens When You Don’t Stop For A Squib?

Yesterday, Brandon at Concealed Nation published an article with the below video showing a shooter with a squib load during an IDPA match:

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In the video the shooter is able to stop shooting before he shot another round into the squib, which can have disasterous consequences.

On Saturday when we were shooting at the PDHSC/Shoot2Live IDPA match, a friend had a squib in his 1911, and unfortuantely was not able to stop in time before firing another round:

After sending me the picture, he said that the barrel is split on both sides, to the point that you can see daylight through it.

He’s very lucky that he didn’t get injured, and it’s sounding like once he gets a new barrel fitted he’ll be good to go. Thankfully he came prepared to the match with a second pistol, and was able to finish all the stages without issue.

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