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What if USPSA Production had 15rd Magazines?

One of the USPSA topics that keeps coming up, is that folks want USPSA to change Production division to have 15rd magazines instead of the current 10rd magazines, to mirror IPSC Production division.

For the longest time I’ve been adamantly against it, mostly because I just don’t want the division to be changed, because I don’t like change.

After doing this video, I’m more ambivalent about it. I do think the change would do a couple things:

  1. Offer more risk/reward. On a couple of the stages in the video I could have went to 15 or 16 rounds OR reloaded for a safer plan. I kind of like that. Rewarding the bold is cool.
  2.  It would save fewer reloads than I expected. In two of the stages in the video (and two more that aren’t in the video because they were standards type stages with mandated reloads) the change wouldn’t have made any difference at all.

So, hopefully this is at least somewhat helpful in looking at your own videos and making your own opinions this.

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