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What if USPSA Production had 15rd Magazines?

One of the USPSA topics that keeps coming up, is that folks want USPSA to change Production division to have 15rd magazines instead of the current 10rd magazines, to mirror IPSC Production division. For the longest time I’ve been adamantly against it, mostly because I just don’t want the division to be changed, because I don’t like change. After doing this video, I’m more ambivalent about it. I do think the change would do a …

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Ghost 360 Universal Magazine Pouch Review

When I first started shooting USPSA, I didn’t have a good set of magazine pouches. I had been an IDPA shooter for a long time, and I would just use an old double mag pouch and a couple singles in front of it. This was a less than ideal solution, so I began looking at some of the options available for USPSA Production legal magazine pouches. I’d been hearing about the Ghost 360 Universal magazine …

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USPSA Match Video: Tear Me Apart

Alright, here’s video of my first USPSA match since May of 2014. Just a couple days before the match I switched from ‘bullets out’ mag pouches to ‘bullets forward’ pouches and the transition wasn’t bad at all. Stuff To Work On: Get moving! There are a few times in the video where I hesitate before moving out of a position after shooting the array. I also forgot my cleats so on a couple stages where …

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Aftermarket Glock Magazines that Don’t Suck?

Yeah, I’m interested, especially if they weigh within 2oz of a factory Glock 17 magazine (I’m sure they do) so they will be USPSA Production legal. Magpul is going some cool stuff this year, looks like that move out of Colorado isn’t hurting them.

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