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USPSA Match Video: Tear Me Apart

Alright, here’s video of my first USPSA match since May of 2014. Just a couple days before the match I switched from ‘bullets out’ mag pouches to ‘bullets forward’ pouches and the transition wasn’t bad at all.

Stuff To Work On:

  • Get moving! There are a few times in the video where I hesitate before moving out of a position after shooting the array. I also forgot my cleats so on a couple stages where the ground was a little slick, I didn’t get up and moving as fast as I could have, had I brought the right equipment.

  • Remember where to reload! On several stages I completely forgot where I was supposed to reload. On stage 4 I let it get in my head and it borked the rest of my stage plan, and on stage 1 I just rolled with it and went on with the stage.

Stuff I Did Well:

  • Reloads (when I remembered to do them) were pretty smooth, especially with my recent mag pouch switch.

  • I called my shots effectively throughout the match. I don’t believe I pulled any Deltas that I didn’t make up. On the classifier stage, I hit the first pepper popper in the center, and moved on, and I didn’t realize that it hadn’t fallen until after the stage. On one hand, I should have noticed it so I could have made it up, but on the other I’m satisfied with the shot calling.

Sometimes it’s hard to self assess as well as others may assess you, so have at it.

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