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This Week in “Skills > Tools” – IDPA Match

Last week I shot the H2O Fowl Farms Adam Ginette Memorial IDPA match with my Glock 19 from t-shirt concealment.

I shot the match the way I actually carry. Glock 19 (that’s basically factory stock other than sights and a grip plug) a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster, and a cheap mag pouch that I’ve had forever.

Discounting the IDPA rules violations I had a great match. I shot fast, got my hits, and even had a stage win on stage 5 (of course, the one I didn’t video).

All of this to say, don’t go buy a bunch of gear before you try competitive shooting. Take what to already have, or borrow some gear and go shoot. It’s not the gear that will be holding you back.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. Well hey, I shot my carry gun (Glock 19) in the CCP division for the first time last weekend.

    I ended up winning the division (all three of us) by a Grand Canyon-esque 0.23 of a second. The bad news is I shot pretty tentatively with the smaller gun. Handled it like I was afraid of the thing, and also struggled with the chunky, dirty-white front night sight (which I still believe is part of an elaborate practical joke being played on us by the industry).

    Just yesterday I ordered a Sevigny fiber optic sight (identical to the sight on my Glock 34), figuring if a night sight messes with my mind in competition, why the hell am I betting my life on it in the real world? (Chalk one up for the crucible of sport.)

    Interestingly, I got a little wound up by the long-range stage (1/3-sized poppers at 12 yards, four paper targets at 25 yards, two paper at 35 yards), but it turned out to be the difference between me and the poor unfortunate soul one place behind me.

    [Insert something Schwarzenegger-ish about “things that don’t destroy you make you stronger” here]

    I really enjoy shooting my Glock 34, but I’ve resolved to shoot the 19 until I’m more comfortable with it.

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