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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.

Well… Bye

[powerpress] This is the last episode for a while. I’m taking the summer off to get used to life with our new baby, planning to come back with Triangle Tactical Podcast “Season 2” around August or Septemberish. See you then, carry on.

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What if USPSA Production had 15rd Magazines?

One of the USPSA topics that keeps coming up, is that folks want USPSA to change Production division to have 15rd magazines instead of the current 10rd magazines, to mirror IPSC Production division. For the longest time I’ve been adamantly against it, mostly because I just don’t want the division to be changed, because I don’t like change. After doing this video, I’m more ambivalent about it. I do think the change would do a …

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Q&A: Questions from the Group

[powerpress] This week’s Triangle Tactical Q&A show is mostly questions from the Triangle Tactical Facebook Group. I created the Facebook Group so listeners of the podcast can discuss the shows, post match video, and talk about practice and skill building. Click here to join the group! Shawn: Do you feel like your new mag pouches made a difference at your last match and why the lack of practice on the last week before the Carolina …

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PREVIEW: Match Video Diagnosis of the 2017 Carolina Classic USPSA Match

If you’re not familiar with Match Video Diagnosis videos, they are where I narrate my shooting videos, and talk about all of the things that I did well, and the things that I didn’t do so well… Because it’s video, I can’t really skip the things that I didn’t do well, so you get it all. I think it’s a cool way to learn more about shooting, and will give you a lot of things …

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Major Match Prep VLOG #1 – Gear Changes

This post originally appeared on Patreon. If you want access to the Triangle Tactical NewsBlast Podcast, as well as bonus content like this, consider becoming a patron. Become a Patron! Gear Changes: One of the biggest changes I made before this match was buying new magazine pouches. I’ve previously been running the Ghost 360 Universal pouches, and they were good, budget minded mag pouches for the last few years, but I was having a lot …

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We Need Your Voicemail Shooting Questions

For the first time since we launched the Q&A podcast back in May, we’ve run completely out of voicemails for more episodes. Basically, if you want some new Q&A podcast episodes for next week, we need you to send in a voicemail. Click here to find out how to send in a voicemail, or just record your question on your phone and email the file to [email protected].

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Do You Wear Regular Sunglasses at the Shooting Range?

I’m guilty, however after seeing this, I’m going to order some rated safety glasses with tinted lenses for use at the range. Losing my eyesight is an absolutely terrifying thing to think about for me, so yeah, I think the regular sunglasses are out. I like these for clear lenses, and these for tinted. You don’t have to spend a ton to get decent protection.

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Triangle Tactical Fall Shirts

Were doing another run of shirts for fall. We’ve got long and shirt sleeve tees, and hoodies available. These have the Triangle Tactical logo on the front left, and the big logo on the back. Darker colors with gray print. I think they look pretty slick. Get yours here, they’re only available for 2 weeks from today.

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