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Q&A: Questions from the Group


This week’s Triangle Tactical Q&A show is mostly questions from the Triangle Tactical Facebook Group. I created the Facebook Group so listeners of the podcast can discuss the shows, post match video, and talk about practice and skill building. Click here to join the group!


Do you feel like your new mag pouches made a difference at your last match and why the lack of practice on the last week before the Carolina Classic?


Do you see yourself shooting more level 2/3 matches going forward, with how much you enjoyed the recent state championship?


Whats your Ideal number of stages for a level 1 match?

What factors in for you on choosing a day to shoot in a multi day match?


Does shooting glass lens color effect your shooting? Are certain colors better for different light?


When are we going to see some more interviews? Anyone you want to interview that you haven’t talked to yet?



I have a question for your Q&A show:  What are the economics of reloading versus buying bulk ammo for 9mm?  What about .40?  I’m interested in finding out what the cost per round for reloaded ammo is vs bulk (I generally see bulk around the $0.21 range).
Really this turns out to be 2 different questions:
Where does the costs intersect for a new reloader (i.e. how many rounds do you need to load in order to break even):
cost of components:
– brass
– primers
– powder
– bullets
plus the cost of reloading equipment
– purchase press,
– dies
– case tumbler, etc
On the other side, what’s the cost if you already have most of the reloading equipment, and don’t need to include them in the amortized cost.  figure new dies, and a couple of things, but mostly a guy has the equipment.
cost of components:
– brass
– primers
– powder
– bullets
Love the show, keep up the good work!
Clay in Wake Forest



Love the shows, thank you for doing them!

Question I have is, in a sport of such thin margins, and everyone trying to get an edge (including light loads to just over power factor); how do light polymer pistols compete with heavy all steel pistols? Would not the guns weighing nearly twice as much have much less recoil, and be easier to shoot faster and more accurately?



Hi Luke,

What drills would you suggest for dry fire practice to help me learn to shoot faster? I’ve done 3 matches now and I feel like my accuracy is fine, but I’m slow. Can I work on this through dry fire or is this a live fire-only issue?

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