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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.

Story Time With Luke: XM855 and Steel Wool

With all the recent hubub about XM855 ammo (more about that in Episode 121), I thought about what happened a few years ago after a friend of mine bought his first AR-15. I recieved a text message from my friend after he had purchased some XM855 so he could take his new AR to the range for the first time. He asked it he was allowed to shoot the XM855 at the local range, because …

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Two of my Favorite Things: Shooting and Debt Freedom

Here at Triangle Tactical, we’re big Dave Ramsey fans, and I love seeing videos of people shooting up their paid off credit cards, never to use them again. My wife and I have cleared up about $30,000 in debt in the last year, and it feels great! Before too long well be completely debt free, I can’t wait!

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3 Years… Whoa

This isn’t the actual anniversary of Triangle Tactical, as I originally started the site on Blogger, and it was terrible, so I switched to WordPress after a couple weeks. Cool though, 3 years. Yay.  

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I’m a Terrible Person, and I Like to Mess With Other Peoples Match Video

And I’m not ashamed to admit it. At the Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match on Saturday I found myself at one point with 4 cameras on my person to film other people shoot their stages. I really like doing it, but a while back I started messing with someones video at each match to make it even more fun. At first I would say silly things, or just record a 15 second video before …

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Some Folks Paint Their Guns to Look Worn…

I’ve just been practicing a lot. That’s kydex from the inside of my holster embedded in my slide. I’ll take this over a fancy paint job any day. Been getting probably 200 dry fire draws every day and this is starting to happen after a couple weeks of being on a solid dry fire routine.

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USPSA Match Video: Tear Me Apart

Alright, here’s video of my first USPSA match since May of 2014. Just a couple days before the match I switched from ‘bullets out’ mag pouches to ‘bullets forward’ pouches and the transition wasn’t bad at all. Stuff To Work On: Get moving! There are a few times in the video where I hesitate before moving out of a position after shooting the array. I also forgot my cleats so on a couple stages where …

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A Lesson on Having Fun While Shooting

Osage Combatives wrote a great post on his Facebook page yesterday that I had to share here on the blog: Post by Triangle Tactical. Competition is fun, but make sure you’re getting enough enjoyment out of your shooting to keep you doing it for the long haul.

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Durham County, NC is Hindering Gun Ownership

Several months ago I was contacted by a coworker asking about purchasing a handgun for self protection. He asked how it works in North Carolina, and I explained the whole process of needing either a Pistol Purchase Permit or Concealed Handgun Permit for any handgun purchase, no matter where he buys it. He seemed satisfied with the information, and we didn’t speak about it again until last week. Last week he approached me and said …

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On Campus Armed Robbery at my Alma Mater

Dorm room. Middle of the afternoon. Robbery. Gunpoint. A whole bunch of bad news. Sounds like these criminals were pretty brazen, and I’d bet they are well aware that guns aren’t allowed on campus or in the dorms. In fact, WMU bans basically all forms of defensive weapons on campus, including pepper spray, and other items (I’ll admit, I carried a 3.5″ razor sharp Benchmade folder all 5 years I was a student there…) and …

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