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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.

Random Friday Night Thoughts

1. Sorry for the lack of good content this week! I came down with the crud Saturday afternoon after the Steel Challenge match, and I was totally out of commission for until late Tuesday. Fever, sore throat, cough, headache, etc. I’m a wuss when it comes to being sick, and I was down for the count. 2. Cleaning guns sucks, especially when I don’t have any Brakleen. I used to clean handguns after every range …

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Florida Open Carry Fishing Events

Open carry is generally illegal in Florida, but the folks pushing for more rights down there aren’t letting that stop them from holding some open carry rallies in the state. As it turns out, Florida law allows for some exceptions where open carry of a handgun is legal, and one of those exceptions is while fishing. The open carry folks in Florida are taking full advantage of this, by organizing open carry fishing events in …

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House Rules for Guns

Do you have house rules for guns? I’ve got a couple that I implemented a long time ago, and I still follow: No chambered rounds in the house. I started this way back when I first started carrying concealed. I was somewhat inexperienced with handguns, and it made me feel better to have an empty chamber when home. Years and years later, I still pop a round into the chamber on my way out the …

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Here’s Your Wet Blanket: Calm Down

The past two weeks have been trying for pro-gun folks. We’ve been bombarded with mass hysteria after mass hysteria and as it turns out, none of the things were worth getting hysterical about. There still aren’t any gun confiscations in Connecticut. I personally don’t think it’s going to come down to that, and there isn’t really anything pointing us in that direction. Let’s calm down and keep an eye on the situation, but before we …

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How Many Rounds Should a Singlestack 9mm Pistol Hold?

How much capacity do you require in a carry sized singlestack 9mm pistol? A couple nights ago I had my Springfield XDs 9mm, and S&W Shield 9mm sitting on the coffee table as I was comparing and contrasting them. I guess that I hadn’t really noticed that while being just about the same size, the XDs 9mm has the ability to carry an extra round in the extended magazine over the Shield. [table caption=”Carry Sized …

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Lots to Shoot this Weekend in Eastern NC!

Saturday, March 8, 2014: GSSF at Caswell Ranch IDPA at H2O Fowl Farms ZSA Steel Challenge at The Range Sunday, March 9, 2014: GSSF at Caswell Ranch ZSA USPSA at ENC Firing Range IDPA at The Range Steel Challenge at Ant Hill Ben and I mentioned on episode 71 of the podcast that we might head down to H2O Fowl Farms, but that was before our friends at ZSA announced their new Steel Challenge match, …

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Walther CCP – New Singlestack 9mm

Looks like Walther is getting into the singlestack 9mm concealed carry pistol market with the new Walther CCP: It looks like it’s just a hair longer than the Springfield XDs and S&W Shield, and the thumb safety looks a little better done than the Shields safety. The grip is a little taller than the XDs and Shield, but the CCP comes standard with an 8 round magazine, compared to the other two pistols 7rd magazines. …

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Flying with a Firearm – Revisited

Some time ago, I shot a quick video about how I fly with a firearm in my checked baggage, and every year about this time I get a couple questions from readers on this topic, so I thought I would revisit it once more. I’m not linking to the video, because I was really fat back then, and it’s somewhat embarrassing… click to enlarge I tend to go above and beyond the TSA and airline …

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Southnarc: Managing Unknown Contacts

As a community of self defense minded folks we’re quick to practice our shooting skills, and even quicker to buy a new gadget to carry. One thing that most of us are probably lacking is practice and training when it comes to avoiding incidents all together. We talk about situational awareness, keeping our heads on a swivel and all that stuff, but not much about what to do after we are confronted by someone. I …

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