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Walther CCP – New Singlestack 9mm

Looks like Walther is getting into the singlestack 9mm concealed carry pistol market with the new Walther CCP:

It looks like it’s just a hair longer than the Springfield XDs and S&W Shield, and the thumb safety looks a little better done than the Shields safety. The grip is a little taller than the XDs and Shield, but the CCP comes standard with an 8 round magazine, compared to the other two pistols 7rd magazines.

I’m not in love with it, but it looks like a nice compromise in size. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one.

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  1. If the trigger is anything like the PPQ, you’re gonna have a new favorite gun.

  2. Is their a version in 9×18 Mak? The CCCP?

  3. Interesting. Another reduced recoil delayed blowback design. Hoping the gas system is easy to clean.

  4. Walther is already in the single-stack market with the PPS. Having said that, this new offering begs a few questions; is this the slated PPS replacement? Will it be offered without a manual safety? Where is the damn paddle-release?! Questions and complaints aside…I still want one.

    • Yeah, we weren’t super impressed with the PPS when we put it up against the Shield and XDs 9mm at the range. It’s a good pistol, but the new “pocket” 9s were better. Hopefully this new CCP is everything I hope it is.

    • Agreed. I have the PPS and the P22 and love them both! This may have to be my next gun if my wife doesn’t beat me to it! From the looks of it, it looks like it’s the grip of the P99 or P22 with the capacity of the PPS! All good things! As for the mag release it’s not the long lever built into the trigger guard that I’m used to but, a button will be just fine, since I’m used to my XDm 9mm.

  5. I have a Walther PPS. I love that gun. Great trigger & very accurate with both critical defense & federal hydro shock. When I say a great trigger, it’s like butter on corn on the cob.

  6. Glock needs to make one. I know Glock will sell a zillion of them.

  7. hope there is a safetyless version..

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