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Durham County, NC is Hindering Gun Ownership

Several months ago I was contacted by a coworker asking about purchasing a handgun for self protection. He asked how it works in North Carolina, and I explained the whole process of needing either a Pistol Purchase Permit or Concealed Handgun Permit for any handgun purchase, no matter where he buys it. He seemed satisfied with the information, and we didn’t speak about it again until last week.

Last week he approached me and said “Lucas, I need a handgun” and I asked if he had applied for a PPP yet. His reply was “Ugh man, Durham County sucks. They’re requiring 2 character references on the application, not sure it’s worth the hassle.”

On top of the above story, this evening I came across this story about a man in Durham County who has been waiting over 100 days for his CHP renewal.

The NC General Assembly has been overhauling many of the concealed carry laws in NC for the past several years, but unfortunately some of it has had poor wording allowing county sheriffs to drag their feet with concealed handgun permit applications and renewals, specifically waiting beyond the 45 day limit to issue a permit because the law specifies the following:

Except as permitted under subsection (b) of this section, within 45 days after receipt of the items listed in G.S. 14-415.13 from an applicant, and receipt of the required records concerning the mental health or capacity of the applicant, the sheriff shall either issue or deny the permit.

Basically, the Sheriff has 45 days to issue a permit AFTER he receives the mental health information from area hospitals about the applicant. As mentioned in the linked thread above, it appears that this information is taking a while lot longer than it should in some cases, which is resulting in folks not being able to carry concealed.

I hope the NCGS is able to fix this. Why not set it up like the NICS system where if an applicant isn’t denied within a specified period of time, the permit would get issues anyways.

Or, we could just get rid of permits all together and do the NICS check at the point of sale and allow Constitutional Carry, but what do I know…

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. NC Conceal carry instructors which are NRA certified, are the ones we can and must convince that constitutional concealed carry need happen in NC, that is, NO permission slip/hall pass needed. The NRA has also philosophically sided against constitutional concealed and open (nationwide) carry. Could it be because they would lose revenue from said instructor courses, blue shirt memberships and be called names by MomsDeranged?

    When are gun owners going to define “shall not be infringed” as “shall not be infringed”? All those other ancillary arguments like felons, prospective felons, etc having guns or access to guns need to be addressed at their level (courts via the judges, etc.) and not by infringing on citizens via these onerous legislative statues (rules for thee, but not for me; says the publican).

    The felon doesn’t care about going to prison, but he knows you do. This mentality is played out in high schools as the dropout bound bully taunts the college bound. Should the college bound kid fight back, his school record will should his “fighting” thus blocking his acceptance into a good school. Thus the “laaw” works against the righteous. These statues just make it more likely that a law abiding citizen will end up in prison, destitute from the courts, or both.

    In addition, we’ve got to get the sheriff’s off our paychecks too. Remember 2013 and an end to PPP was nigh? An H.R. 937 clause that would have ended PPP but was, (shocked) removed by the NC senate (due to sheriff input?) and the previous defeat of similar in 2009.

  2. Dang, I’m glad I live in Vermont sometimes….it’s full of hippies and progressive types, but the gun laws are good.

  3. Too bad this guy died in committee. Let’s get back on the constitutional carry bandwagon.


  4. I’m a DE resident who occasionally visits NC (a cousin lives down there). I have to say I’m surprised about some of the NC gun laws. The fact that a “pistol permit” is required just baffles me. Even Delaware doesn’t require that.

    Texas, Kansas, Indiana, West Virginia, and New Hampshire are all considering Constitutional Carry this year. I’d love to see NC get it done too, and pave the way for other southeastern states to follow suit. Good luck.

  5. Please dont get lured into this false argument the NRA is selling http://www.nranews.com/home/document/its-time-for-the-gop-to-pass-national-reciprocity-for-ccw-permits Will the Emler Fudds that want to be ear tagged wait outside while the adults talk?

    Your God given, constitutionally recognized, right to bear arms is not to be negotiated or exchanged for a national registration of CC or any state CC (thank you Alaska, Vermont, and Arizona and Wyoming). Reciprocity will become a form of de facto registration. Registration leads to confiscation and confiscation leads to internment/re-education camps. History repeats. How? Various jurisdictions will need your data via your DL to go after you, er, identify you, the low hanging fruit of revenue aka, the law abiding citizen. Criminals and criminal syndicates are just too dangerous and don’t produce the revenue so these elements are ignored, as many urban plight centers and alley deals demonstrate. Beat guys know old fashioned shoe leather on pavement stops crime, not “permits”. Permits create revenue.

    Stand the line: shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed.

    No more permission slips needed to defend yourself or your property. No more right granted by God turned into a laminated permit you have to carry around. If you want that, I have a nice yellow star to put on your lapel.

    Folks, you stood up to the antis in 2013, massive phone calls, letters and emails told your public servants hands off! Lets do it again and not “compromise”.

    Its time for the GOP to remove NFA 1934, 1938(FFL), GCA 1968 and 1986 FOPA/Hughes, and disband the BATFE.

    Just think, no wait suppressors (they’re not “silent”),SBRs you can build at home, and selective fire on your AR. Aim high folks.

    While we’re at it let’s end the bill to band BP vests for us unwashed masses: https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5344

  6. Could this be the beginning of the end of GCA 1968? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/11/federal-court-rules-residency-requirements-pistol-/

    This can be the legal precedent that helps to thwart NC PPP too. If I can buy a pistol in ANY state as a resident of NC, why would I need a PPP in another state? Who would I give it to? (I know it goes with the 4473, but that means other states would have to cede authority for a BG check to NC’s system.) Other states would not honor a ridiculous NC PPP, so the entire convoluted permission slip from the sheriff would become void! Let’s hammer this one home. Next stop, all states to honor constitutional concealed carry, no permit required.

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