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Durham County, NC is Hindering Gun Ownership

Several months ago I was contacted by a coworker asking about purchasing a handgun for self protection. He asked how it works in North Carolina, and I explained the whole process of needing either a Pistol Purchase Permit or Concealed Handgun Permit for any handgun purchase, no matter where he buys it. He seemed satisfied with the information, and we didn’t speak about it again until last week. Last week he approached me and said …

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No Digital Copy of Durham County Gun Registry

On Monday, the Durham County Sheriffs Office posted online about shredding the decades old gun registry that was made illegal earlier this year by the state legislature. This was a huge win for us, but after the dust settled, many of us were left wondering whether or not this was just political theater right before election time. Could they have made all of the pomp and circumstance about shredding the paper copies of the gun …

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NC Leg to Durham: Take Your Gun Registry and Shove it!

The NC State Legislature passed Senate Bill 226 today, the bill that eliminates the Jim Crow era gun registry in Durham County. The Durham County gun registry was a racist thing allowed by the state legislature back in 1935. Statutorily it would have been illegal for any other county in the state to operate a gun registry, so why should Durham county be allowed to run a gun registry when no other county can? Racism. …

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Repealing the Durham County Gun Registry

Ever since moving to North Carolina about 6 years ago, I’ve been baffled by the gun registry in Durham County. It seems that most gun owners (many of whom even live in Durham County) don’t even know about the registry, or feel perfectly okay with ignoring it. I’ve heard friends say things like “It’s not enforced anymore”, but the fact of the matter is that when a racist, anti-gun law is still on the books, …

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