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Repealing the Durham County Gun Registry

Ever since moving to North Carolina about 6 years ago, I’ve been baffled by the gun registry in Durham County. It seems that most gun owners (many of whom even live in Durham County) don’t even know about the registry, or feel perfectly okay with ignoring it. I’ve heard friends say things like “It’s not enforced anymore”, but the fact of the matter is that when a racist, anti-gun law is still on the books, it can be enforced at any time.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my email this morning to see that GRNC is on the case. They are working with Rep. Tom Moore, and Speaker Thom Tillis to get Senate Bill 226 passed through the NC House during the short session of the NC General Assembly. S226 would repeal the Durham County gun registry, and set Durham in line with the rest of the state.

Why should Durham county be allowed to keep this law on the books when it would be illegal for any other county in the state to start their own registry? I think we all know that the law has racist roots, and that isn’t acceptable.

Side Note: Durham needs a slap on the wrist from General Assembly anyways. I was talking to a friend a few days ago who is a LEO in Durham County about his wife’s CCW application. She applied in JANUARY 2014 and still has not received her permit… Yeah, about that whole 45 day wait thing…

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  1. My GRNC membership is more valuable than my NRA membership.

    Every NC gun owner should support the GRNC. Surely anyone that can afford a firearm can afford a $15 yearly membership.

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