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No Digital Copy of Durham County Gun Registry

Whats left of the Durham County Gun Registry
Whats left of the Durham County Gun Registry

On Monday, the Durham County Sheriffs Office posted online about shredding the decades old gun registry that was made illegal earlier this year by the state legislature. This was a huge win for us, but after the dust settled, many of us were left wondering whether or not this was just political theater right before election time. Could they have made all of the pomp and circumstance about shredding the paper copies of the gun registry, while keeping a digital copy on a computer somewhere?

That scenario doesn’t really make any sense though since Sheriff Andrews and Clerk of Superior Court Archie Smith are both running uncontested for their seats in this years election.

So, after a couple days of wondering, this morning I fired up the old cell phone and made a couple phone calls. First I called the DCSO, and the nice lady on the phone wasn’t sure whether or not there was a digital copy of the registry, and she pointed me in the direction of the Durham County Clerks Office. The lady at the Clerks office confirmed that the gun registry was only kept on paper, and there was no digital copy.

Case closed.

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