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NC Leg to Durham: Take Your Gun Registry and Shove it!

The NC State Legislature passed Senate Bill 226 today, the bill that eliminates the Jim Crow era gun registry in Durham County. The Durham County gun registry was a racist thing allowed by the state legislature back in 1935. Statutorily it would have been illegal for any other county in the state to operate a gun registry, so why should Durham county be allowed to run a gun registry when no other county can? Racism.

Thankfully this S226 (as I understand it) is now law, and gun registration in Durham County is now illegal.

As far as I understand the Constitution of the state, this bill should take effect immediately without Governor McCrory’s signature. S226 is a local bill, meaning that it effects less than 15 counties in the state, and it passed 3 readings in both houses, so it doesn’t need the Governors sign-off according to Article II, Section 22 of the state Constitution.

I couldn’t be happier to see this go. How many people have had their lives ruined by possessing a non-registered pistol in Durham County? How many people that currently live in Durham are even aware of the registry? I don’t know. I do know that I’m happy to see another racist law get struck down, hopefully we’ll repeal the NC Pistol Purchase Permit in the next session…

Huge thanks to all the folks at GRNC who put in lots of work getting this passed. I know they have been working on this for several years.

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