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Do You Wear Regular Sunglasses at the Shooting Range?

I’m guilty, however after seeing this, I’m going to order some rated safety glasses with tinted lenses for use at the range.

Losing my eyesight is an absolutely terrifying thing to think about for me, so yeah, I think the regular sunglasses are out.

I like these for clear lenses, and these for tinted. You don’t have to spend a ton to get decent protection.

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  1. I’ve always worn “shooting glasses” with inter-changeable lenses but I have often wondered if they are truly safety rated.

    The other thing I have often wondered is if there is an online review or resource for shooting glasses that specifies the safety rating and also looks at things like distortion, magnification, etc.

  2. Lucas
    Thanks for posting this. The more people see this the safer we will all be.

    I would like to say I always wore safety glasses but it isn’t true. That changed in 2005. A friend of mine was wearing Oakleys while working a static security post. When the person Leo was searching turned himself into an IED martyr, Leo caught a lot of frag in the face. The Oakleys saved his eyes. You could see the outline of the glasses in his face. Everywhere not covered by the protective glasses was pocked and burned by the blast. It got my attention. I changed my ways.

    The Army has an approved eyewear list on line. Anyone can view it. I like WileyX or ESS brand of all the ones I have tried. Sadly the lens color options are limited. They do accept inserts for prescription lenses. That makes them a little bulky and uncool. But blindness is uncool too…and bad for shooting.

    The Army Approved Eyewear List does not address distortion. My experience with them is generally good. No more distortion than my regular corrective lenses.

    Thanks again. You and Ben do great work for our community everyday. We are blessed by your efforts.

  3. I need to address this as well.
    I searched for the list. An article about updates is here: http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/careers/army/2015/05/27/apel-list-released-eyewear/28035559/
    With a link to a PDF here: http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/careers/army/2015/05/27/apel-list-released-eyewear/28035559/
    Which I think is also this online list that allows you to drill down for specifics:

  4. Good video to show fellow shooters! Of course you lose out on a multitude of pirate jokes by saving your eyes.

  5. I wear exclusively Oakley everywhere I go, including shooting, this being one of the reasons. To the best of my knowledge, every pair of Oakleys is rated for impact.
    Oakley used to have similar videos showing demonstrations of impacts with their lenses as part of the “rolling o lab”. I can’t find the website lately though.

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