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Should my wife try competition with her .380?

Joshua sends in today’s Q&A podcast question asking about getting his wife started in competition. Hello Luke, I recently got an iPhone which came with the podcast app, and found your podcast about a month ago. I’ve listened to quite a few of the episodes, but I’m not entirely sure on the number. But anyways, my wife and I have been batting around the idea of trying a USPSA match, or an IDPA match, or …

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Competition with a S&W Shield or Buy A Bigger Gun?

Welcome back to episode 80 of the Triangle Tactical Q&A Show. Today’s voicemail comes in from Steve in Indiana. If you’d like to send us a voicemail, go to triangletactical.net/voicemail to find out how. Steve can only have one gun. He currently has a S&W Shield and he wants to get into competitive shooting. He wants to know if he should buy a bigger M&P or if he could get started with the Shield. This …

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This Week in “Skills > Tools” – IDPA Match

Last week I shot the H2O Fowl Farms Adam Ginette Memorial IDPA match with my Glock 19 from t-shirt concealment. I shot the match the way I actually carry. Glock 19 (that’s basically factory stock other than sights and a grip plug) a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster, and a cheap mag pouch that I’ve had forever. Discounting the IDPA rules violations I had a great match. I shot fast, got my hits, and even had …

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LEAKED: Walther CCP Owners Manual

I’m excited about the Walther CCP, and have been since it was announced. I probably won’t buy one, but I think it stands as a cool pistol that I’ll definitely want to get some range time with. Not long ago, I found out that the owners manual for the Walther CCP has been leaked on the Walther website (100 page .pdf). The owners manual gives us a better look into how the pistol works, so …

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How Many Rounds Should a Singlestack 9mm Pistol Hold?

How much capacity do you require in a carry sized singlestack 9mm pistol? A couple nights ago I had my Springfield XDs 9mm, and S&W Shield 9mm sitting on the coffee table as I was comparing and contrasting them. I guess that I hadn’t really noticed that while being just about the same size, the XDs 9mm has the ability to carry an extra round in the extended magazine over the Shield. [table caption=”Carry Sized …

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