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LEAKED: Walther CCP Owners Manual

CCPI’m excited about the Walther CCP, and have been since it was announced. I probably won’t buy one, but I think it stands as a cool pistol that I’ll definitely want to get some range time with. Not long ago, I found out that the owners manual for the Walther CCP has been leaked on the Walther website (100 page .pdf). The owners manual gives us a better look into how the pistol works, so here’s my thoughts after skimming it:

  • The thumb safety works in the correct direction. That’s good, and it looks like it’s big enough to actually use, unlike the safety on the S&W Shield.
  • No obnoxious Loaded Chamber Indicator, just a little notch that will allow you to see brass if there’s a round in the chamber.
  • The CCP takes down by inserting a tool (or screwdriver) in the rear of the slide.
  • Interchangeable front sights to accommodate for elevation, and the rear sight can be adjusted for windage by turning a screw. It looks like swapping sights won’t require a sight pusher, which is a good thing for most shooters.
  • The magazine release can be swapped from side to side for left or right handed shooters. Looks like swapping it is very similar to doing the same thing on a Glock or M&P.

That’s about it. Looks like a cool little pistol, and I’m excited to shoot one. I’m curious of the heat retained by the piston system will have any effect on the polymer frame after shooting a lot of rounds through the CCP. I’ve been told that the HK P7 pistols that have a very similar piston system to the CCP get extremely hot after shooting them a bit, so it’ll be interesting to see how Walther addressed this.

(H/T Carolina Shooters Club)

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  1. Manual is silent on cleaning the cylinder and/or gas port. Or lubrication. Seems like curious omissions with a relatively unusual design. All moot until they show up for sale. Hope they don’t goo all “R51”. 😮

  2. Manual and parts diagram along with Walther’s video reveal that,

    – Manual safety disengages only trigger bar and sear connection and solely prevents casual trigger actuation.

    – Provided Drop Safety is really effective and manages to survive “Cocked and ready to shoot” mode if an outside impact occurs. Its construction is even better and more positive than PPQ’s.

    – Take down process seems easy. Unlocking needed back tip with a screwdriver or factory given unlocker stick is a safety feature to keep the pistol in assembled form in case of a mainspring breakage or weakness.

    – Gas Brake Piston seems self cleaning and collects smaller friction surface as compared to the P7 as needing longer time between maintenance periods. It also needs much more time to spread generated heat through plastic frame.

    Though looking a simple technologic tranfer from initial decades of last century’s “Liliput” at general single action trigger and takedown process cased in plastics, delay system and drop safety make this pistol safe and very usable within current times.

  3. My wife just bought one as I think this pistol is perfect for smaller hands and the action is glass smooth! Never held a pistol with slide this easy and smooth. Even fits nicely in my hand and I love the grip. Will let you know how it goes at the range…where the rubber meets the road!

  4. Much like Tony, my wife found the light action irresistible. She was ready to give up on semis until she tried this one. True, the breakdown and reassembly is a pain for the first half dozen tries but it does get better. Shoots very straight both for the novice (wife) and for me (dozens of years of LE training). We think it is a keeper.

  5. Just tried out my new Walther CCP with Winchester, Federal, and Monarch all 115 grain FMJ. Only Monarch did not work well. Malfunctioned every third or fourth round, stovepipes, failures to eject, and seemingly complete successful cycle but failure to fire because slide did not go completely to rear, and striker was not cocked. Now I know why TX DPS bans Russian ammo in general and Monarch in particular at the CHL (nor LTC) instructors course. Bought CCP due to write ups about easy to operate slide. That plus is negated by impossible to operate tool to disassemble gun. Dead on accurate to point of aim

  6. I have owned mi CCP for several months and fired about 100 rounds. Besides the takedown method my complaint is the rough action of the trigger. Accuracy is great as well as feeding/ejection. Seems the “gritty” feel to the trigger is caused by the “draw bar” being dragged across a spring loaded plunger being pushed against it. The plunger gets pushed sidewise and causes extra friction. Good handling firearm!

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