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Lady ‘Hot Shots’ Coming Soon!

Looks like the ladies won’t be left out of the Hot Shots TV show for long. It’s awesome that the shooting sports are growing to the point that there is enough room for two Hot Shots shows, on top of 3-Gun Nation, and the rest of the sport shooting shows out there.

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When You Actually Shoot Guns, They Break

Local shooter, all around good dude, 3-Gun Nation Pro Series competitor, and the man who sold me my first Glock, Tommy Smith had a mishap with his Timberwolf framed Glock at the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center Action Pistol match last night: He said the rear frame rails let go and separated from the frame which looks like it caused the slide to ride up over the trigger housing. Tommy wants to know: …

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130 Shooters At a Club Match

On Saturday I shot USPSA at Sir Walter Gun Club with about 130 other gun nuts.  This was just a regular monthly match at Sir Walter, nothing particularly special about it, other than the beautiful weather. While we were shooting the match at Sir Walter here in NC, the USPSA Singlestack and Revolver Nationals were taking place in Barry, IL, as well as a 3-Gun Nation Pro Series event in Tulsa, OK. The big story …

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Ravin Perry Steals a Seat in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series!

North Carolina’s own Ravin Perry tears up the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series qualifier this weekend! Ravin finished first at the 3 Gun Nation qualifier in Florida,  getting him a seat in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series.  Ravin is a regular at the Tarheel 3-Gun matches here in the Triangle, and for the past several years, he has been an active IDPA, and USPSA shooter in the area. I’ve had the opportunity to squad …

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What Happened to Taran Butler at the 2012 IDPA Nationals?

Recently Taran Butler, (well known professional shooter) joined Matt Burkett on Burkett’s Practical Shooting podcast (Which is really good by the way, I wish Matt would crank out weekly episodes). They talked about several topics, such as Taran’s new business, 3-gun nation, shotguns, and the 2012 IDPA Nationals which took place right here in Eastern NC. Taran began to talk about the 2012 IDPA Nationals, and stated that in the past the Nationals have been …

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Tarheel 3-gun

Just throwing out a quick plug for the Tarheel 3-gun match. This is a monthly 3-gun shooting match held at Durham Rifle and Pistol Club (DPRC) in Haw River, NC. This match was recently visited by 3 Gun Nation, and they will be participating in some more 3GN events, and whatnot. Check them out for some of the best 3-gun shooting in the state! Tarheel3gun.com

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