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When You Actually Shoot Guns, They Break

Local shooter, all around good dude, 3-Gun Nation Pro Series competitor, and the man who sold me my first Glock, Tommy Smith had a mishap with his Timberwolf framed Glock at the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center Action Pistol match last night:




He said the rear frame rails let go and separated from the frame which looks like it caused the slide to ride up over the trigger housing.

Tommy wants to know: Another Glock, or should he go with a 2011. And if he goes 2011, who’s should he buy?

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  1. Since we are talking about someone else’s budget… I say go for the 2011 and pick up an STI Marauder!

  2. Glock would probably replace that. I’d stick with the Glock.

    • It’s actually a Timberwolf frame, not a Glock. I’d imagine Lone Wolf would replace it too, but I think Tommy wants an excuse to go 2011.

      • What is a 2011? I’m new to the shooting world.

      • A 2011 is a doublestack 1911 pistol. Competitors love them because they combine high capacity with the sweet trigger of the 1911. The STI Edge is one of the more popular 2011 pistols for competition.

  3. I dont believe there is much left on that gun that is original Glock. It has had so much after market “big, better, & faster” replaced in/on it that it only looks like a Glock.

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