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The X in XM855

Since all of this craziness started a couple weeks ago about a possible ban of XM855 ammo, I’ve heard a lot of people mention that they like having it on hand because it’s military ammo that has to meet a certain amount of specifications so it’s somehow better than “civilian” type ammo. Thing is, the XM855 ammo that’s generally sold on the open market is the stuff that failed quality control to become military ammo, …

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NOTICE: Fake Georgia Arms Ammo

The following notice was posted on Georgia Arms homepage: Georgia Arms makes the gun show circuit around this area, and I know a bunch of you shoot their ammo, so make sure you are buying it from them, or an authorized vendor. Be safe…

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Tip: Lee Value Turret Spent Primer Fix

(Link for Email/RSS Readers) Since getting setup with the Lee Value Turret press, I’ve been having about 10% of my spent primers fall out onto the floor while reloading. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s annoying constantly having to sweep them up. I made a quick, almost zero cost solution for this by molding some kydex around the three posts of the press to act as a guide for the primers as they fall …

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