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The X in XM855


Since all of this craziness started a couple weeks ago about a possible ban of XM855 ammo, I’ve heard a lot of people mention that they like having it on hand because it’s military ammo that has to meet a certain amount of specifications so it’s somehow better than “civilian” type ammo.

Thing is, the XM855 ammo that’s generally sold on the open market is the stuff that failed quality control to become military ammo, hence the X designation.

I don’t want to see any ammo banned, but if you bought XM855 thinking that it was some super special military grade ammo, you were wrong.

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  1. Thank you! I tried telling many.people this b4 the ban even just to be told I was wrong abd stupid it’s def military ammo that’s great & out of the exact same lots that our military uses. I was evendors told once the X stood for extra or excess lol. I was like wouldn’t that be an E not X?

  2. The steel penetrator is the special bit that they are getting, it doesn’t make it AP but it does give better penetration on a soft target at range.

  3. Fasebook from Keep Calm and Carry Guns via Triangle Tactical

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