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The X in XM855

Since all of this craziness started a couple weeks ago about a possible ban of XM855 ammo, I’ve heard a lot of people mention that they like having it on hand because it’s military ammo that has to meet a certain amount of specifications so it’s somehow better than “civilian” type ammo. Thing is, the XM855 ammo that’s generally sold on the open market is the stuff that failed quality control to become military ammo, …

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TWANGnBANG on the Proposed XM855 Ammo Ban

TWANGnBANG talks about how stupid “armor piercing” laws are, and he articulates it a whole lot better than I did when I tried to basically say the same thing on the latest episode of the podcast. Have a watch, and give him a like/subscribe.

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Story Time With Luke: XM855 and Steel Wool

With all the recent hubub about XM855 ammo (more about that in Episode 121), I thought about what happened a few years ago after a friend of mine bought his first AR-15. I recieved a text message from my friend after he had purchased some XM855 so he could take his new AR to the range for the first time. He asked it he was allowed to shoot the XM855 at the local range, because …

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