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BATFE eFile is Back, and Faster Than Ever

A few months back the BATFE shut down their eFile system for processing the forms needed to gain a tax stamp for a suppressors, and short barreled rifles and shotguns. The draw of the eFile system was that it provided turnaround for processing the forms in a matter of a month or two, as opposed to the six plus months that mailing in the forms. Earlier this week the eFile system came back online, and …

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Sig Sauer Suing BATFE Over Misclassified Muzzle Brake

Sig Sauer is suing the BATFE over the BATFE’s classification of a muzzle brake that Sig manufacturers. The BATFE is claiming that the muzzle brake is a suppressor, where Sig claims that it doesn’t suppress sound at all. The Seacoast Online article that broke this story doesn’t say which particular muzzle brake is being questioned, but I have to assume it’s the brake that was slated to be released with the civilian version of the …

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