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5th Weekend Shooting Matches

Whenever there is a month with a 5th weekend, a bunch of the shooting ranges around Eastern NC like to have special shooting matches that they don’t host in their normal match rotation. This coming weekend is the 5th weekend, so here’s some of the matches taking place: Saturday, August 30th, 2014 USPSA Rifle at Sir Walter Gun Club Just like a USPSA pistol match, but shot with rifles. A great match to go run …

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Saturday morning I shot the H2O Fowl Farms Mega BUG (back up gun) match. We had several new shooters at the match, and I believe a good time was had by all. On my squad we had a new shooter who’s pistol had a malfunction on the first stage and it wouldn’t go bang after that. Rather than send the new guy home with a broken pistol, one person on the squad offered the use …

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H2O Fowl Farms BUG Match is Tomorrow!

If any of you are in Eastern NC, and you want to get started in competitive shooting, tomorrow is the day. H2O Fowl Farms is hosting what is being called the “Mega BUG match”. This match is absolutely perfect for new shooters because: You don’t need a holster! (Just a bag or gun rug to put your pistol in) You don’t need spare magazines (All reloading will be done off the clock) This match will …

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A Great Opportunity to Get Started in Competitive Shooting!

In case you missed it in Episode 18 of the Triangle Tactical Podcast, H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC, along with Allen from Tarheel Targets will be hosting a BUG (Back Up Gun) match on March 23rd (9am registration, match starts at 10). This match is the ‘perfect storm’ for new shooters. You don’t need to worry about having a holster, or magazine pouches, or really any other gear for this match. All you need …

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BUG Match Goodness!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot a BUG (Back Up Gun) match down at H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC. I shot my crusty old Kel-Tec PF-9, and it performed about how I would expect it to, poorly. The match was a hoot, and H2O Fowl Farms is now planning a 12 stage BUG match at the end of January. I think I need to get a different BUG pistol before the …

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